I am so excited!

I’m so excited about my new web page and hope you all like it!  I’m especially excited about singing at The Temple Theater on  February 4th.  I would like to invite everyone to come. My experience will be even better because my grandparents will be at the event.   Well I got to go because […]


Annie production was great. Now it is time to get ready for the holidays. I read today to slow down and remember to not get distracted from JESUS. HE is the real meaning of Christmas.

Great News

I made it and got in the Annie production with the Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera. We have practice every week. It is fun. Singing this weekend. I have been learning lots of new songs on the guitar. I plan on recording some new videos to post soon. Have a great weekend.

Life is Good

School is good. Working on preparing for Colgate Country Showdown Gulf State Final. Tried out for Annie production. Everything is good. Peace to all.