Nashville Time

Currently on episode seven of “Riverdale”, which is also my newfound Netflix binge, and it’s so good for six hour drives to Nash. Me and my mom are gonna spend a couple days in Nash to get acquainted with the area, find doctors, dentists, car places, and other necessities like that. Today we visited CrossPointe Church, and they just today actually announced their new pastor, Kevin Queen. He seems like he’s gonna be a good fit for the church. I’m excited to start life up here and I’m looking forward to getting my bearings around town and finding my new favorite spots. ¬†This may be strange, but I have been having dreams where my teeth fall out, and I looked it up and it meant that I was stressed for huge changes starting in my life… isn’t that weird how that all works out. May try to find some places to play this week, we’ll see. Keep ya updated on the rest of the week!





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