Fourth of July

Currently listening to “God Bless the USA”, because Happy Independence Day!!

Today my mother and I are gonna go to the Hot Chicken Festival, Neither of us have spent a Fourth of July here in Nash so its gonna be a new experience. I’ve gotta tell you how I almost burned down our condo the other day….. so I woke up and wanted to make some blueberry muffins in the oven that doesn’t work unless its on broil. So I put the oven on broil and whip up the muffin mix, and then I put them in the oven. Well about 10 mins later, smoke starts just continuously coming out of the stove AH! So I’m trying to grab the muffins with my bare hands because I’m stupid and don’t think about things like that.. once I realized the better way to grab the muffins…… the fire alarm starts going off (insert party emoji) So I run over and start fanning the fire alarm to get it to shut up, and then I went about the rest of the day just fine, but that was my stress filled morning WOO! Hope everyone has a wonderful fourth!

Proud to be an American,


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