Rainy, Lame, and Bored

I’m currently listening to “The Last Time” by T Swift because thank the lord she let her music come back on Spotify. This has been the most dead summer I have ever lived through. It rains ALL THE TIME, and no one has anything going on, and we all just sit around and watch movies together when we get the chance to dart around the storms to drive to someones house. I’m keeping a list of everything I watch to see how much time I’ve spent inside. Netflix has been my savior these few weeks of nonstop rainfall. Thankfully, this weekend I am taking a trip with some close friends of mine to the beach, and it’s gonna be so so fun. It’s kinda gonna be my senior trip because I haven’t had a chance to go on an actual senior trip this summer.

I won’t be home except for maybe 3 days in July which is crazy because then August will be here and then I’ll be headed to Belmont. I’m in the process right now to try and find the right tapestry to hang up in the dorm. We’ve got some whites and blues and purples so I guess we’ll see. I’m nervous that my dorm is gonna be so messed up because I am so bad at decorating hahahahaha, but its fine. I’ve got some awesome stuff for the bathroom but other than that I’m stressing… wow… someone please help. Anyway, I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll check back in tomorrow or Sunday:)


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