Bittersweet Belmont

Currently listening to “Here’s To The Night” by Eve 6, and contemplating how this summer has been one of the most hectic summers of my life. I haven’t been home a lot and when I am I’m usually packing up my room or cleaning stuff hahahah. It’s weird to see everything in my room be so empty, and I’m gonna miss my home and Mississippi altogether, but exciting things are definitely on the way and I can feel the new chapter of my life unfolding.

I had orientation a couple of days ago and it has made me so so excited for college. I have developed a group of friends that I think are going to be a stronghold for me while I’m there. Everyone in Nashville is so talented and I think that amazing and I can’t wait to be apart of Music City. Registration was the most stressful thing I think I have ever had to Do, and I accidentally signed up for 18 hours instead of the recommended 15, but its fine I’m just fine! Let me just say that if you are an upcoming college freshman, don’t stress about orientation because it is actually so fun and you meet so many cool people. Make the absolute most of the time you have with everyone before you go off to college as well, because you never ever know when you may see some friends again, and as sad as that is, its very true:( On a happier note, my roommate is so awesome and I am so excited for life at Belmont with her!

Love y’all,

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